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Workplace Safety

Important information about Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Workplace safety is critical. Ensure you have the necessary skills and knowledge to confidently take on safety roles with nationally recognised training with Sydney Rescue Consultants.

Workplace Health and Safety in Sydney, NSW

Safety Training and Consultancy Services in Sydney

Sydney Rescue Consultants Pty Ltd (RTO#45525) is a veteran owned and operated company that provides nationally recognised, non-accredited training, consultancy and rescue services for Australians organisations who wish to promote a safety culture and have a genuine desire to in work, health, safety and wellbeing. All services are designed with a flexible approach to ensure the specific needs of all our clients are met effectively and efficiently.

We are specialised experts in working at heights, confined space, emergency response and rescue. So if you work in a high risk environment and need expert advise, get in contact with us today.

Our services are not currently available direct to the public, we only operate with commercial entities.

Nationally Recognised

Click below to learn more about safety training courses and other services available:

veterans employment

Safety and Rescue Services Overview

Here at Sydney Rescue Consultants we believe that prevention is better than reaction. We deliver safety services to all levels of stakeholders in your business so that your workforce is properly prepared, trained and skilled to work safe and return home safe. However, in the unlikely event that there is workplace accident, you must be prepared.

Please review our range safety services below and if you have any questions please get into contact with us.

About “The Rescue Shop”

Sydney Rescue Consultants Pty. Ltd. is proud to present “The Rescue Shop”. We started the shop to help you get the right gear, for the right job. With so much equipment out there, it’s easy to get lost and become unsure.

We aim to keep it simple.

We’re a small veteran owned and operated shop with limited stock, but if you give us the time, we’ll give you the best price we can!!!


Thank you for your support, time, and training skills today. Especially being a weekend. It was by far the most educational tower rescue I have attended; I learned and refreshed many skills today.

-Alec B.
Site supervisor - Telecommunications

I completed this training course with our team on 3/02/2022 and we all found it very informative and well-structured achieving a great balance between the legislation, good practice, and being realistic. The course leader Ed spent time explaining everything in simple easy to understand terminology. The afternoon was practical training on how to use the equipment for safe working at heights and how to check whether this was appropriate, current, and how to know if it was to standard. Thank you!

-Teresa P.

Ed was super engaging and made the course interesting. He seems to know the subject inside out and could answer any question. Was personable and interactive with the students. The training covered theory and then applied it in a hands-on way for the practical section.

-Oscar T.

Plain English verbal/visual presentation by trainer about working at heights that made sense of legislative jargon. Getting to use the gear – climb stuff – have applied experience in the working at heights environment

-Nicole S
WHS Advisor Contract Management

The training promoted collaboration between the team. This created discussions that lead to more knowledge of the area

-Rowan B.
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