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Difficult Access Overview

Sydney Rescue Consultants has a vast array of experience from across a variety of different industries Including:
-Rail Industry
-Oil and Energy
-Wind Farms

Through our history we have had to think outside the box on many occasions in order to complete jobs. What we can now do for our clients is to pass on that knowledge.

So if you have a difficult access project be it at heights, confined spaces or just a difficult area to access and not sure how to safely get the job done due to the risks involved, give us a call and we can help you out.

Areas we can help include heights rigging and confined space rigging set ups.

How it works:

  • First we book a meeting via email or phone and discuss your project.
  • Then we’ll ask for all the information you have for the job, this includes photos, SWMS, site plans, site requirements, training records of your workers and of course what the job actually involves.
  • Then we will run through a few options, this can include a setting up the rigging using appropriate anchor points, on-site training on how to safely use the system, supervision for the first day or two or until everyone is comfortable, standby rescue, rescue plans, equipment rental and then simply leaving you to conduct your job safely.

Prices are $125 plus GST per hour/per technician (minimum 4 hours)

Equipment as per quote.

Click here to enquire about our Difficult Access Services

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