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Commercial Drone Recovery Services

Lost Your Drone? Let Us Help

Sydney Rescue not only rescues people but your precious equipment as well.

Our commercial drone recovery services can provide you and your business with the hope of returning your prized or ridiculously expensive drone, lets face it they are not cheap.

For businesses though, it’s not just about the drone, it’s the data that holds the most value. While, the drone may be damaged the data may still be salvaged.

We have the qualifications and expertise to cross mountains, swim rivers, abseil down and climb cliffs and trees and not to mention go into those dark spaces you really don’t want to go into (confined spaces)!!!

All so you can get your drone and data back.

Don’t go leaving it to chance and hoping you can self recover and possibly injuring yourself or your work team, let us take the risk for you.

We can service all areas of Sydney and Greater Sydney but are mainly focused on Drone Recovery in the Blue Mountains region of NSW.

Pricing is on a case by case basis, but we have a minimum fee of $2500 plus GST per day.

Please note this service is aimed at businesses where the value of the drone and/or data exceed $10,000.

Depending on location of the drone, in some instances a reconnaissance/info gathering fee may be required first at additional costs.

Click here to enquire about our Commercial Drone Recovery Services

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