Rescue Plan and Audits

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Rescue Plan and Audits Overview

Sydney Rescue can provide Rescue Plan and Audit services for a large variety of situations this can include confined spaces, working at heights or if you have an event in which you require our consulting services please get in contact to find out more information.

If you already have a rescue team onsite and require verification of competency or specific training for a certain job we can come out to site or you can come to our training facility, come up with the rescue plan and then instruct your team on the specific rescue requirements.

If you already have procedures in place or you are a primary contractor and not sure of the requirement when is comes to rescue and emergency planning, we can conduct an onsite audit to ensure you and your contractors are compliant and safe.

Things we can look at include:

  • Rescue/Emergency plans, procedures and documentation
  • Equipment requirements
  • Inspection and service requirements
  • Training and rehearsal requirements
  • Bespoke training for specific for high risk events


Pricing is on a case by case basis

Click here to enquire about our Rescue Plan and Audit Services

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