Confined Space Entry Management

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Sydney Rescue Consultants can provide on-site confined space entry management and audit services.

How it Works:

Confined Space Entry Management-

  • If you have a project with multiple confined spaces we can supply an on-site safety supervisor to help maintain compliance and ensure all workers involved in the confined space works (including entrants, standby, permit holder and rescue team) are doing the right thing and following procedures.
  • We can also provide on-site guidance while the job is on, so work can flow continuously without delay.


What we can do is an initial audit to see where you are currently at with compliance. This would involve you sending through the requested information and then having a meeting and even visiting the team onsite to see what occurs. We would then provide a report and make some recommendations on where we can assist you further and from there, we can provide a quote depending on what you would like our assistance with.

Things we would look at in the compliance audit is:

  1. SWMS/Risk Assessments
  2. Emergency plans
  3. Equipment and maintenance
  4. Training
  5. Policies and Procedures
  6. Scheduling



Case by case basis

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