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Sydney Rescue Consultants can provide on-site confined space entry management and audit services.

How it Works

Confined Space Entry Management-

  • If you have a project with multiple confined spaces we can supply an on-site supervisor to help maintain compliance and ensure all workers involved in the confined space works (including entrants, standby, permit holder and rescue team) are doing the right thing and following procedures.
  • We can also provide on-site guidance while the job is on, so work can flow continuously without delay.

Confined Space Audit Services-

  • We will make recommendations based on the hazards and risks of the job to determine if your work area is a confined space.
  • We can complete a confined space register for all known confined spaces at your workplace and supply signage at an additional cost.

confined space entry

Confined space:  definition

A confined space is determined by the hazards associated with the specific situation—not just because work is performed in a small space.

A confined space means an enclosed or partially enclosed space that:

  • is not designed or intended to be occupied by a person
  • is at normal atmospheric pressure—or is designed or intended to be at normal atmospheric pressure—while a person is in the space
  • is or is likely a risk to health and safety from:
    • an atmosphere that doesn’t have a safe oxygen level
    • contaminants like airborne gases, vapours and dusts that may cause injury from fire or explosion
  • has harmful concentrations of any airborne contaminants
  • is at risk of engulfment.


Confined Space Audit Services –

As per quote

Confined Space Entry Management Services –

Note: This is for one TECHNICIAN onsite.

Day rate: $1000 plus GST per 10hr day 

Hourly rate: $125 plus GST per hour (minimum 4 hours) additional hours at $125p/h. 

If the job requires extra technicians or equipment this will also be as per quote.

Click here to enquire about our Confined Space Entry Management/Audit Services