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Finding it hard to keep on top of your training requirements?

Need a few different courses put together for your work?

Don’t wait for the next public course to be available! Let Sydney Rescue Consultants help with our bespoke training solutions.

Firstly, what we do is sit down with you and discuss what you or your business does and help you create a bespoke training program by putting a combination of qualifications together that your workers need  to ensure they stay safe and you get the right training, with the least amount of time off work.

For example your a construction company and require Working Safely at Heights and Enter and Work in Confined Space for your engineers to be able to safely conduct inspections but you require Working Safely at Heights, Provide First Aid and Heights Rescue for your general workers while they’re on the construction site.

Have a look at the courses we offer and get in contact with us.

Once we establish the training you and workers require we will then create a suitable time frame on when and how to conduct the training. We are very flexible and we can operate 24/7 to help you the individual or your business getting the correct training and the right time.

Additionally, we can then create a schedule, where by we have a contextualised program and we refresh those training requirements on an agreed time frame. This will ensure you or your business remains current and compliant.

Don’t forget we can tailor the training to work within your business policies and procedures.

Additionally, if your business is trained by us, we will have all your students records on file so if you lose a certificate or not sure what team members are trained in you can just contact us and we’ll send the information straight away.

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