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standby rescue

Standby Rescue Overview

Sydney Rescue can provide Standby Rescue services for a large variety of situations this can include confined spaces, heights work or if you have an event in which you require our rescue services please get in contact to find out more information.

If you already have a rescue team onsite and require verification of competency or specific training for a certain job we can also come out to site, come up with the rescue plan and the instruct your team on the specific rescue requirements.

We also offer standby (sentry, observer, hole watcher) services for heights or confined space work. This is where you require a qualified person to run a permit, conduct gas testing, action an emergency rescue plan and keep your workers safe while conducting works.

Are you an engineer, surveyor or needing to enter a confined space and require someone to watch you while you do your work. 

How it Works for Confined Spaces

Standby Rescue Services-

If you have a project requiring entry into confined spaces, we can supply an on-site rescue team to help maintain compliance and ensure all workers involved in the confined space works remain safe and in the event of emergency can be rescued efficiently and effectively. We provide everything required for the confined space side of things including the equipment for access, SWMS (for the confined space), gas testing, standby person, permit and rescue team (with documented plan).

What we require from you:

  • The SWMS for your works that you will be completing in the confined space (we need to know what you are doing in the space).
  • Number of persons that would be in the space, including Statement of Attainment to show evidence that they’ve completed adequate confined space entry training.
  • Location, Date and site access to details including parking (there’s a lot of gear when it comes to confined space jobs).
  • If an induction is required.
  • Any photos or images that you have about the space.
  • Any other relevant site hazards or procedures that we need to be aware of prior to arriving on site.

What You Are Responsible For:

  • Your own equipment for your work including PPE.
  • Your own SWMS for the works you are completing.

Please note we may require your team to conduct further training depending on the work that needs to be done in the confined space. For example breathing apparatus/escape system training if the atmosphere is immediately dangerous to life and health (IDLH).

Our RESCUE TECHNICIANS are all expert trained and verified through multiple government and private agencies including Australian Army, State Emergency Service, Rural Fire Service and Fire and Rescue NSW.

Other Standby Rescue Services We Offer

Heights/Vertical Rescue – This includes wind farms, telecommunication towers, cranes and low/high rise construction.

Confined Space Rescue – This includes pits, trenches, vessels, sewers, drains, tanks and ship hulls.

Standby Services – For any of the above works where you need a qualified person to run a permit and be on standby. This can be for heights or confined space.

Site Safety Supervisor/Management-For any of the above works where you need a qualified person to supervise and observe single or multiple tasks on-site. This can be for heights or confined space.

Construction Rescue. Private Rescue. Commercial Rescue. Confined Space Rescue. Stand-by Rescue. Vertical Rescue. Rescue Services. Stand-by Services.


Pricing is on a case by case basis however our Standard Day rate (8 hours) Monday to Friday is $3500 plus GST

Included is our standard pricing is all the resources required for the tasks to be completed as needed for the confined space management side.

  • Standby Rescue technician/s
  • Gas monitor/s
  • Access Equipment
  • Breathing Apparatus
  • Escape Sets as required
  • Portable Area lighting
  • Ventilation system as required
  • Advanced first aid kit (oxygen unit)
  • Consumables

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