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Heights Rescue Training Overview

This 2 day Heights Rescue Training covers the training you are required to do under legislation, ensuring your workers are trained and skilled in Working Safely at Heights and Heights Rescue procedures.

Our heights rescue training course has been constructed from collaboration of experiences across a variety of industries including rope access, mining, gas, telecommunications, tower work, construction, wind farms, emergency services and military.

This heights rescue course is designed to teach workers and employers with no prior experience in working at heights and rescue the skills, knowledge and requirements by law when workers are at height which includes a rescue plan.

Under Australian legislation Work Health and Safety Regulations 2017 NSW Part 4.4 Falls Section 80

  • If a person conducting a business or undertaking provides a fall arrest system as a control measure.
  • The person must establish emergency procedures, including rescue procedures, in relation to the use of the fall arrest system.
  • The person must ensure that the emergency procedures are tested so that they are effective.
  • The person must provide relevant workers with suitable and adequate information, training and instruction in relation to the emergency procedures.

We’ll show you different techniques, equipment, plans and most of all you’ll leave confident that you can SAVE A LIFE!


What you will learn

  • The relevant statutory and regulatory authority requirements
  • Code of Practice/Australian Standard AS/ NZS: 1891.
  • The names and functions of equipment, components and materials
  • Hazard identification, risk assessment and control
  • Safe shifting and handling of tools and materials
  • The nature of work undertaken at heights
  • The processes of providing for safe work practices & safe work methods
  • Safety considerations to facilitate working safely at heights
  • Access, interpret and apply technical and safety information
  • Comply with environmental requirements, ie powerlines
  • Pendulum effect, snagging, effects of free fall and suspension trauma
  • Conducting operator equipment inspections and filling in a equipment fault report.
  • Rescue from above using a proprietary pre-rigged system. (Gotcha Kit and/or R-Alf)
  • Simple rescue.
  • Self rescue.
  • Writing a rescue plan.

If you require more in-depth training or specialised heights/vertical rescue training please contact us for further information.

  • Examples of specialised rescue includes: Pick-off rescue, tower rescue, rope rescue, wilderness rescue and ladder rescue.


2 Days (with pre-course reading)

  • Day 1 consists of RIIWHS204D Work Safely at Heights
  • Day 2 is about rescue planning and performing rescue using a pre-rigged system. (Gotcha and/or R-Alf).


Up to 6 students $2000  

Up To 10 students  $2500

Note: Facility available 7 days a week.

Competencies Awarded:

  • RIIWHS204D Work Safely at Heights (via electronic certificate with QR for verification purposes).
  • Additionally you’ll receive a statement of attendance for the rescue system used, which can be used as evidence for professional development.

Verified through training.gov.au

Term and Conditions

All courses are delivered in English

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