Marketing Policy

Marketing Policy

RELEVANT STANDARD(S): Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) 2015 Standard 4 and 5; Schedule 4 “Conditions of Use of NRT Logo”


This policy has been created to ensure that Sydney Rescue Consultantsprovides clear and factual information about its products and services, including where third-party service providers may be concerned. This enables prospective students to make informed decisions on theseproducts and services. Sydney Rescue Consultantsassumes responsibility for all marketing materials disseminated on its behalf, regardless of the channel or method used to disseminate these materials.

Sydney Rescue Consultantsensures it honours all commitments made in its marketing materials, and recognises that it is subject to all relevant consumer laws in any jurisdiction where it operates.


Sydney Rescue Consultantsensures that its training and assessment products and services are marketed ethically. Its marketing processes and practices provide factual, accurate information about these products and services to both current and prospective learners.

To achieve this, Sydney Rescue Consultantsabides by the following principles:

Compliance with the Standards for RTO 2015

  1. Sydney Rescue Consultants complies by ensuring that information, whether disseminated directly or by a third party on its behalf, is both accurate and factual.
  1. It provides up-to-date and accurate information to its learners, industry stakeholders, and the general public at all times. This includes:
  1. providing current and accurate information that enables the learner to make informed decisions about undertaking training with the RTO;
  • representing the services it provides and the training products on its scope of registration;
  • providing advice to prospective learners on training products appropriate to their needs, taking into account their existing skills and competencies prior to enrolment or the commencement of training and assessment, whichever comes first;
  • promoting licensing or regulated outcomes only for training products it delivers, where these have been confirmed by the relevant industry regulator in the jurisdiction where it is being advertised; and
  • distinguishing nationally recognised training and assessment leading to the issuance of AQF certification from any other non-accredited training or assessment Sydney Rescue Consultants delivers.
  • Sydney Rescue Consultants provides all relevant information to learners, prospective learners, third party providers, and other stakeholders as soon as practicable in easily accessible media. This includes:
  1. making clear where a third party is recruiting prospective students on its behalf; and
  • distinguishing where training and assessment is being delivered on its behalf by a third party including service provided and providing students with third party contact details.
  • It provides details regarding VET Fee Help / VET Student Loan, government funded subsidies, or other financial support arrangements associated with the provision of relevant training products (when applicable).
  • It markets all products and services in an ethical manner, ensuring integrity and accuracy, avoiding misleading or ambiguous statements, and enabling the learner to make informed decisions about undertaking training.
  • It includes the code and title of any training product, as published on the national register, in all of its marketing materials. 
  • Sydney Rescue Consultants does not guarantee that:
  1. students will successfully complete a training product on its scope of delivery;
  • students can complete a training product in a manner that does not meet the requirements of Clause 1.1 and 1.2; or
  • students will obtain a particular employment outcome upon completion of their training.
  • In cases where marketing materials make references to another person or organisation, Sydney Rescue Consultants will retain evidence that consent was obtained prior to the publication of any material containing the reference. This includes, but is not limited to:
  1. Emails
  • Signed marketing release form (identifies testimonial, third party service provision, etc.)
  • Letter of consent
  • Sydney Rescue Consultants retains copies of actual advertising and marketing material, including any material created by a third party, to ensure that it monitors its own marketing activities, or marketing conducted by a third party on its behalf.
  1. Prior to the commencement of any marketing campaign, associated materials produced by Sydney Rescue Consultants, or by a third party on its behalf, will be reviewed and confirmed against the Marketing Material Compliance Checklist.

Marketing Information

Sydney Rescue Consultants adopts the guidelines for marketing information, which include, but are not limited to:

  1. information required by the Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) 2015 in all marketing materials:
  2. Sydney Rescue Consultants as the legal entity
  • Sydney Rescue Consultants as the trading name
  • Sydney Rescue Consultants’RTO code in all marketing materials.
  1. It clarifies itsresponsibility for training and/or assessment, and for issuing a qualification or statement of attainment.
  1. If another person or organisation is delivering training on itsbehalf, Sydney Rescue Consultants’ RTO code will be included in all marketing materials created by that person or organisation in so far as it relates to training and/or assessment.
  1. If another person or organisation is recruiting students on itsbehalf, Sydney Rescue Consultants’RTO code will be included on all marketing or other materials created by that person or organisation.
  1. Its products that are listed in the national register will include the nationally recognised training (NRT) logo as a recognised trademark that confirms training is nationally recognised.
  1. It uses the NRT logo in accordance with the conditions of use in Schedule Four of the Standards (refer to Annex A).
  1. Where it offers training that is not nationally recognised, Sydney Rescue Consultantsseparates marketing information about it from nationally recognised training.
  1. Sydney Rescue Consultantsonly uses the authorised copy of the NRT logo, which is provided by ASQA, in its marketing materials.
  1. It includes the code and the full title of its training products, as listed in the national register, to allow all potential learners to verify information pertinent to these training products.
  1. Sydney Rescue Consultantswill only promote training and/or assessment for training products that are currently on its scope of registration. It does not:
  1. guarantee that a student will be issued a qualification or statement of attainment;
  • guarantee that any employment outcome will result from training and/or assessment;
  • claim that a student will be eligible for any license or accreditation as a result of training and/or assessment.
  1. Its marketing materials are consistent with its training and assessment strategies.
  1. It does not guarantee that a student will obtain a qualification or statement of attainment upon the conclusion of his training.
  1. It will not guarantee that a student will be able to complete a training product where this would breach Clause 1.1 or 1.2 of the Standards by misrepresenting or understating the amount of training required.
  1. In cases where a person or an organisation (such as testimonials or photos) is referenced in marketing materials, Sydney Rescue Consultantsfirst obtains the consent of the person or organisation before that reference is made public.
  1. It provides the following information to prospective students:
  1. Sydney Rescue Consultantsas the legal entity
  • Sydney Rescue Consultantsas the trading name
  • its contact details and location addresses
  • its RTO code
  • course code(s) and title(s)
  • The NRT Logo as specified in Annex A – Schedule 4 to clearly identify courses that are listed in the national register
  • entry requirements for acceptance into a course(s) including any educational qualifications, English language proficiency level, pre-requisites, licensing, work experience etc. whether course credit may be applicable
  • course content, duration, qualification offered (if applicable), modes of study, assessment methods
  1. campus locations with general description of facilities, equipment, and learning and support resources available to students
  • details of any arrangements with another registered provider, person or business to provide the course or part of the course
  • course related fees including advice on the potential for fees to change during the students course and applicable refund policies
  • information about grounds on which the student’s enrolment may be deferred, suspended or cancelled
  • process to assess student qualifications, experience, literacy and numeracy proficiency appropriate for the course for which enrolment is sought
  • any third parties involved in the delivery of training, assessment, and other services (see below)
  • its provisions concerning third party training and assessment services (see below)

Third Party or Subcontracting Arrangement

  1. Sydney Rescue Consultants provides the following information to prospective students to inform them if independent third parties are involved in training and assessment, and/or if a third party is recruiting prospective students or providing other services on its behalf:
  1. independent third-party details – location, ABN/ACN number
  • third party RTO code
  • third party RTO logo
  • service provided by third party RTO – delivery &/or assessment, facilities, other (specify)
  • unit(s) of competence specified where it involves delivery &/or assessment
  1. Sydney Rescue Consultants is accountable for the quality of training and assessment, and other services provided by the third-party provider. As such, it ensures that:
  1. develops and maintains written agreements with all third-party providers delivering training and assessment, recruitment, and/or other services on its behalf;
  • roles and responsibilities of the third-party provider and Sydney Rescue Consultants are clearly specified in the written agreement;
  • monitoring activities, their schedules, and the individual(s) in charge for carrying out third party monitoring is specified in the written agreement;
  • all parties are given signed copies of the written agreement.
  1. Itmonitors the implementation of training and assessment, recruitment, and/or other services by third parties through, among others, regular meetings, student feedback, third party audit processes and/or third-party activity monitoring.
  1. It conducts the type of monitoring activity and the schedule of monitoring specified in the third-party agreement.
  1. Itshall, as soon as practicable and prior to the commencement of third-party arrangements, notify ASQA and relevant funding bodies that arrangements are made for a third party to provide services on its behalf
  • Prior to the commencement of any marketing campaign, associated materials produced by a third party on Sydney Rescue Consultants’ behalf will be reviewed and confirmed against its Marketing Material Compliance Checklist.
  1. If any changes occur to any third-party arrangements in place, Sydney Rescue Consultants will ensure that students and prospective students who will be affected are informed after the changes have been finalised


The marketing director and marketing team are responsible for:

  1. overseeing the accurate creation and dissemination of marketing materials;
  1. ensuring information contained in marketing materials is consistent and accurate across all medium e.g. prospectus, course flyers, website, social media, enrolment forms, etc.
  1. clearly identifying:
  1. accredited training
  1. third party training/assessment services on its behalf
  1. non-accredited training (if introduced)
  1. monitoring all currently approved material, particularly online material to make sure they remain consistent with Sydney Rescue Consultants’ scope of registration;
  1. maintaining a register of all marketing materials, including those that involve a third party, as per agreement;
  1. monitoring all third-party marketing information that directly relates to Sydney Rescue Consultants;
  1. updating the version control of updated marketing information to ensure the most current information is always in use;
  1. marking material no longer in use as ‘non-current’ in the register after confirmation that it is no longer in circulation;
  1. dealing with third parties that have provided false or inaccurate information about services being delivered on its behalf;
  1. ensuring that all information released to students are compliant to the Standards for RTOs, as released by ASQA in 2015;
  1. ensuring that all information released to students are complete and accurate, and that the release of information to the students will be done via email as soon as the release has been approved.

Annex A

Schedule 4 – Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) 2015

Conditions of Use of NRT Logo

The Nationally Recognised Training (NRT) Logo is a distinguishable mark of quality for promoting and certifying national vocational education and training leading to AQF certification documentation. The NRT Logo is a registered trade mark. The following describes a range of situations and conditions using the NRT Logo.

Advertisements and promotional information in any medium (print, television, radio, banners, internet, etc.)

  1. RTOs registered by any VET Regulator may use the NRT Logo to promote nationally recognised training provided that training is within the RTO’s scope of registration.
  1. Impressions must not be created that may lead an observer to conclude the NRT Logo applies to all training provided by the RTO, if this is not the case. The NRT Logo cannot be used by an RTO where the training is accredited, but is outside the scope of registration of the RTO. Where training is being promoted and does not meet the requirements stipulated in the VET Quality Framework or is outside the RTO’s scope of registration it must be made clear the NRT Logo is not associated with that training.
  1. Use of the NRT Logo is only permitted where there is a direct relationship to an AQF qualification and/or unit of competency as specified within training packages or VET accredited courses.

Student Information (brochures, course handbooks, prospectuses, etc.)

When an RTO is promoting the training, it offers and wishes to use the NRT Logo, its promotional material such as brochures, handbooks and prospectuses must clearly distinguish between nationally recognised training within the scope of registration and that which is not nationally recognised training.

Corporate stationary, business cards, buildings, training resources and marketing products

The NRT Logo must not be used on products such as corporate stationary, business cards, building signage, mouse pads, pencils, satchels, packaging around products nor learning resources supporting training.

Certificates, Statements of Attainment and other Testamurs

The NRT Logo must be depicted on all AQF certification documentation issued by the RTO. These can only be issued by an RTO when the qualification and/or unit of competency are within the RTO’s scope of registration. The NRT Logo must not be depicted on other testamurs or transcripts of results.

*Schedule 4 information is taken directly from Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) 2015.                                                                 


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