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Tower Rescue Training Overview (Telecommunications)

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This tower rescue training gives the skills and knowledge required to assess risk, use rigging equipment, and climb and perform rescues on standard telecommunications network structures.

Tower Rescue


What you will learn

  • use safe rigging practices according to all work health and safety (WHS) legislative requirements, regulations and standards
  • assess the status and condition of the telecommunications structure to be climbed and plot a climbing route according to industry practice
  • select climbing equipment and climb a telecommunications network structure
  • work safely using climbing and working fall arrest systems
  • perform rescues from telecommunications network structures to industry standards.
  • discuss falls, including:
  • fall factors according to the Guidelines for the Prevention of Falls
  • fall prevention
  • fall types according to Australian Standards and regulations
  • list features and operating requirements of rigging equipment
  • summarise optical fibre cabling and equipment safety practices
  • identify personal protective equipment for rigging projects
  • summarise, in relation to radio frequency (RF) electromagnetic radiation (EMR):
  • associated risks
  • methods of detecting
  • need to verify and maintain the EMR hazard management plan against an on-site situation
  • preparing for work at a telecommunications site with potential EMR hazards
  • reporting EMR hazards safety practices
  • sources and types of RF EMR
  • discuss rescue methods and practices relevant to the rigging environment
  • outline safe rigging principles
  • describe suspension trauma, including:
  • cause
  • effect
  • prevention
  • treatment
  • discuss, in relation to a safety harness:
  • hazards associated with wearing a safety harness
  • how to check, fit and use a safety harness
  • the types and application of different safety harnesses
  • explain licensing and regulatory issues applying to rigging practices and systems on telecommunications radio structures
  • outline risks present when working on telecommunications radio structures
  • clarify specific WHS issues that affect rigging, including:
      • relevant regulations, and applicable site and company WHS procedures
      • rigging practices and systems for telecommunications radio structures
      • safe climbing practices, including maintaining three points of contact while climbing
      • safe working and minimum approach distances for hazards on telecommunications network structures, according to standards and regulations
      • safety requirements when working at heights according to WHS legislation

Where can it take your career?

This training course is designed for individuals currently working, or wish to work in operational roles that require them to use rigging equipment, and climb and perform rescues on standard telecommunications network structures .  This is ideal for workers who are looking:

  • For employment in the telecommunications Industries.
  • To formalise their qualifications to meet workplace and legislative requirements
  • To upgrade or refresh their skills to advance their careers.

What are the entry requirements?

There are no prerequisites, however before making a booking students must:

  • Be 18 years or older (unless prior arrangements have been made).
  • Be able to clearly communicate (speak), read and write in English to a high standard.
  • Have proficient computer skills with internet access. Preferably access to a Laptop/Desktop with a good WiFi connection to download the pre-course Learner Guide.

Physical/Personal Requirements:

  • Physically, medically and mentally fit.
  • Able to lift and drag an 80kg dead weight approx 20 meters, conduct 5 heaves/pull ups, 30 push ups and able to operate at heights. Not be more than 120kg. Not have any medical conditions or phobias that may endanger yourself or other students including fear of heights or physical injury.


2 Day program approx. 8 hours per day face to face (with pre-course reading and study)


1 Day program approx. 8 hours if student/s have previously completed RIIWHS204E Work Safely at Heights or equivalent.


$625 per person (2 Day program)

$400 per person (1 Day program)

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Face to Face Public courses are run at our St Peters NSW facility weekly.

Address: Unit 14/2 Burrows Road South, St Peters, NSW 2044

Start time: 7:30am (unless otherwise stated when you book)

All day street parking available. But limited so try to arrive 30 mins early as street parking fills up quick in the area.

Easy access via public transport, bus and train.

Competencies Awarded

  • RIIWHS204E Work Safely at Heights (2 Day program only)
  • ICTTCR203 Use safe rigging practices to climb and perform rescues on telecommunications network structures (1 and 2 day program)

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All courses are delivered in English

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